“Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation…” Isaiah 28:16

Cornerstone Research Guides
Elder Law Practice Resources

General Overview Resources
(available in print and online)

American Law Reports (Ref. Coll. 1st floor aisle 110 – 112)

Corpus Juris Secundum & American Jurisprudence 2d (Ref. Coll. 1st floor aisle 110 – 112)

Law Reviews (Journals 2nd floor aisle 241 - 256)


Advising the Elderly Client
Gen. Coll. KF 390.A A326

Elder Law Answer Book
Gen. Coll. KF 390.A4 F58 2004 & supplement

The ElderLaw Portfolio Series
Gen. Coll. KF 390 .A4 E429

Health Care Fraud & Abuse
Gen. Coll. KF 3605 .T67 2003

Medicare and Medicaid Claims and Procedures
Gen. Coll. KF 3605 .M3 2005

Murphy’s Will Clauses
Gen. Coll. KF 755 .A65 M8

Revocable Trusts
Gen. Coll. KF 734 .T8725 2006

To find more: Find a title on point & review the subject headings of that title. Suggested subject heading in the online catalog are: Aged – Legal Status, Older People – Legal Status, Legal Assistance to the Aged, Social Security, Medicare, Insurance – Long-term Care, Nursing Homes, Estate Planning, Probate.

Online Subscription Databases

WESTLAW – consult Westlaw Directory for additional sources

        ELDERLAW  ElderLaw Advocacy for the Aging
        HORNER-PPE  Horner Probate Practice and Estates
        MEDCLAIMS  Medicare and Medicaid Claims and Procedures
        SSLP  Social Security Law and Practice

LEXISNEXIS - consult Lexis Directory for additional sources

Legal>Secondary Legal>Matthew Bender>By Area of Law>Elder Law
Modern Estate Planning
Employee Benefits
Guide Nursing Home Transfer/Discharge Appeal Administrative Decisions


State and Federal sites:

Alabama Medicaid Agency


     By chapter

Department of Veterans Affairs

Medicare: Official Government Site for People with Medicare

Social Security Online

Miscellaneous sites:

American Association of Retired Persons

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.

Pension Law: An Overview

SeniorLaw (Law Offices of Goldfarb and Abrandt)